Teaching Fun and Engaging Language Classes Online

Zielgruppe: High school & college level students
Zeit: 10:00 | Block 1

This presentation will focus on how to create online classes that are meaningful and motivating for students. The audience will get acquainted with diverse resources for teaching, sharing material, interacting, presenting, and submitting activities and/or homework.

Diverse technologies, strategies, and examples will be shown to inspire to develop unique content that can be shared virtually. It is important that the audience has some experience teaching languages. Specific terminology will be used, which is based on teaching and assessing guidelines established by ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) and SLAT (Second-Language Acquisition Theories).

This presentation is in English. It includes examples in Spanish, a language that the presenter speaks and teaches.

Veronica Valdano

Clara Verónica Valdano is from Ecuador. She has a BA in Teaching Literature and Languages, a MA in Hispanic Literatures, and a PhD in Colonial Spanish American literatures and cultures. She has presented at conferences and published in Latin America and in the US.

She has 20 years of experience teaching high-school and college students. She has taught and designed face-to-face, online, and hybrid courses on Spanish language, Iberian and Latin American Literature, and Pre-hispanic/Hispanic civilizations and cultures.

Currently, Clara Verónica Valdano is working at Stanford University Online High school, which is a school for gifted and talented youth. Her teaching philosophy focuses on communicative activities and creativity. Students are also encouraged to research to expand their knowledge and to develop their own critical thinking on local and global events.